Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sensory overload

People here want to marry me off to a Marquesan. I laugh with everybody. Many have trouble even speaking French, and speak their own language. My French is a little better in terms of making myself understood. But I use one noun, or one adjective or a verb at a time. Nothing grammatical, except occasionally. Give me more of this immersion and I would develop a fluency. Generally I am so tired with the concentration that is required. Then there is the fatigue from the millions of details of observation. Not to mention containing a 2 year old on my lap and there around, as his mother drives expertly over the very rocky 4WD roads and he wants to drive. You know how I love children. Not. But I smile and laugh, and the world spins - or it my head this morning. Swig of bootleg liquor yesterday as we drove. Too many brown rums finished with a poisonous red wine last night. Did I say it impaired my judgement? After dark, and after dinner last night, I decided to go for a swim. The sand and gravel dragged at my bathers and the current wanted to sweep me off to New Zealand - and I was only knee deep in water holding onto a rock as it tried to take me away.  At that stage I had sense enough to get out. Town lights had mostly been turned off in those watery moments, so getting back through the large smooth pebbles to the bank took a while. I left a ton of sand in the shower. I know someone will write to tell me to be careful.  Yes. Yes. Yes. This is truly an amazing adventure. And I will be glad to sail today, so I can eat less, and not eat the foods that really are  not so good for me.

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