Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Arrived in Marquisis

After much delay we flew out of Nuku Hiva and towards Hiva Oa, but landed for a 'technical' at Ua Huka. The estimated cinq minutes of course was 3/4 hour, during which time we all had to be weighed (damn that chocolate and banana crepe from Tahiti) so it could be determined how many more people could travel with us and how much more baggage could be added on. Eventually the Twin Otter lifted off and I wondered if my unweighed heavy backpack might bring us undone (or down). Then on we flew to the destination island. Eventually we wound through valleys and as we seemed to be skimming tree tops there was the landing strip. In such sensory overload that cannot remember the airport, but do remember seeing Philip wave to me. I waved back puzzling as to how he picked me. Hmm, I was the only western woman to get off (Belgian woman was still to come).  It was then busy with explanations how he couldnt sail to get me because of the extreme wind. He introduced me to another Philip and Nickola who were going to take us to another island Tahoata, on their speed boat. Having an amaxingly fabulous time. More in next blog.

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