Monday, 7 October 2013

Arriving in Ua Poa

On Thursday early in the afternoon, we arrived in the bay of the main town on the island of Ua Poa. At this stage its approx 36hrs since I have eaten, and I am feeling weak and despondent. Got into the dinghy okay enough, 'but there was a better way', but my pre departure concern about this part of the journey was unfounded. Then we had to paddle ashore. One of the hardest things I have done in a long time but I knew that if I didnt keep my end up I would never get to shore. Eventually brushed onto the sandy edge. We jumped out and dragged the dinghy for what seemed like miles along the beach (well with my feeble paddling we landed not in a convenient spot) and above the high tide mark. Then padded into town until we found a shop. My first 'meal' was a box of mango cordial masquerading as juice, and a packet of potato chips. 'You have got to get some salt in you. Besides the potatoes contain Vitamin C'. I snorted. They did fill a gap, then I felt fortfied to try and persuade local people to let me have a shower at their place. And I was desperate to clean my teeth. No immediate joy, so found a bank and post office, and transferred by postal order some Francs back to Joelle and Kiki on Tahuata. Back to meet Philip enjoying another beer, and this time I was successful and got a much needed shower and general clean up. We took a walk along the waterfront and up the hill to the Pensione. I continued to enjoy fresh water while Philip sipped on something a little stronger. I remember the most marvellous breeze and view of the harbour. And I remember the most outstandingly wonderful physique in the host as he wore only a sexy pair of shorts, baring beautifully muscular slim legs, a 6 pack to die for, and a very attractive sculpted face. Obviously ex French military. Eventually we needed to leave that Adonis. We stocked up with provisions for a meal back on the boat, collected the dinghy and paddled madly (in my case) out to the yacht. Simple meal which suited me fine. Then I went back to bed as Philip settled into a night cap of a couple of rums. So, as crap as I felt on arrival, by the end of the day I was feeling more positive. And while the afternoon on shore hadnt been full of activity, everything I saw was new and therefore interesting.

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