Saturday, 5 October 2013

From the up to the down

Or another way of saying this is things aren't always plain sailing. Some is comedy of errors and by the time I get home I will have forgotten. I was seasick from almost the first until we got here at Ua Poa and laid horizontal almost entire way. Should have taken 12-14 hours and took over 24. The boat on autopilot with Philip checking about every hour, steered itself a long way from here. Am really weak but at post office trying to send money back to Tahuata because they didnt take dollars. But sun and satellite have lined up so postal order can not be sent. I am a long way from anywhere and right now would like to be at home. Of course once I can keep some food down, I will think more positively. Never in my life have I been seasick so it is a sickening surprise and setback. But of course only temporary.

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Anonymous said...

You had better come home promptly my dear. Sounds like a nightmare. Do you you have to go on that dreaded yacht again. I am sorry phil is not the man of your dreams . Better luck next time. Xxxxxxx m