Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday morning

Breakfast here at the hotel is predictable but fine. Half the largest pamplamoosse (sweeter variety of large grapefruit) with its sections already lifted for me. Then fresh bread sticks as much as I can eat which isnt much, and a pot of dark berry jam (doubt that is local and with many things I dont like to ask  - probably from Chernobyl or some such place). And this is the only place I can get a cup of tea daily. My room has no refreshment facilities or fridge -like Russia. The tea and this WiFi are the reasons I come to breakfast. At 8am guide Philip will drive up and collect me in our rented 4WD with young Canadian Phil, and we will drive off for the next great adventure. Should be a wealth of stories at the end of today, including more new food discoveries. By the way there is little to beat a carafe or long glass of jus de pamplamoosse. Soooo refreshing. Just watched a man load up a horse with heavy saddle bags(couldnt see a saddle just a hessian cover) and his gun, then sit himself on top, whistle for a set of dogs to join him, and they set off for the hinterland. Probably expecting to bring back pigs and/or goats. Looks like hard work. Must go get ready. Hope everyone in the rest of the world has good sleeps and a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Gaugin

His is an adventure of a life time, enjoy the hours remaing and remember that you can always return if the spirit takes you. I have been enjoying your food, your warmth and your antics each day.
Felicity and i pondered on your food especially but wondered whether you would come back a bit alcoholic and ready to brew your own rum.

Soak up this last bit of warmth. Cheers from Mizz Shallot