Saturday, 5 October 2013

Arrived at Tai O Tae capital of Nuku Hiva island

Maybe also capital of all Marquesas. Head like scrambled egg. Cant grasp anything. Except the knowledge I am off the boat permanently and in a hotel run by, according to Philip, mad Rose. But she is american and therefore I dont have to think in French when I am communicating so she can be as and as she likes and I will love it. And she was an art historian before coming here over 30 yrs ago so guess we can get onto a similar wave length. Now she supports local arts and culture. I was immensely grateful when she came and collected from a hotel that had no rooms, and others were booked out. Have no idea of what the cost will be and frankly don't care.  But I am washed and clean, and after a good nights sleep should be able to write the revealing blogs covering the past days.

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