Monday, 7 October 2013

I deserve this refreshing Hinano beer

I left the hotel about 7.30 and its 4.45 and I still have a km to walk back there. This the oensione ehich was full when I aarived but orgnised Rose to collect me 2 days ago. Somehow I feel that by buying my first alcohol since that poisonous rum then red last Tuesday here, I am thanking the man here that got me the rest and recuperation I needed. I know he couldnt care but it is a matter of sincere gratefulness on my part.  In the early relatively cool hours in the morning Philip walked me up trails through the bush and sometimes near the remains of original walking 'highways' built pre europeans by the marquesans. Very sophisticated and I did walk in their footsteps. Have photos of original village site with lots of reconstruction and newer carved tikis. Plus one real Easter Island small head! Well worth most of the morning. I plod. P waits with patience. I am pleased he is my guide.  Back down and we sit watching everything and nothing on the harbour. We cross the road and get lunch. There are chinese people here so when P orders the Chow Mein Special I decide to break away from my fish food. Yes it was special. It was disgusting but not so bad that I couldnt devour it all. After the efforts during the  morning, I needed sustenance. The most offensive thing was the high cost. Still ... I am putting lots of things down to experience. Then P wants to take me to a western sea view point past his old joinery business. It is now into the hot part of the day (I have been hot all day anyway) and P says this walking trip will he about 1.5hrs return. I think I can do it and agree. But out in the open with sesring sun and only half along the track seeing the very large mountainous outcrops yet to be reached leave alone climbed, I baulked. Returned slowly, resting in any shade. We agreed P went on ahead and I would get back at my own pace. Checked out the cemetary (love the culture of cemetaries - think its Felicities influence all those years ago when we were at art school). Checked out the tourist market, but had to decline almost everything because its made from seeds or wood and I cant be bothered with the problems this might make through customs coming back. Found a shop with books, may go back. Terribly in love with tattoos here, so if I dont get one tomorrow, maybe I will buy a book about them. Great day. Well my beer is empty. Better hit the road.

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