Sunday, 6 October 2013

Protestant church

Well I have done the rounds! Walking back to the hotel, down the road to the airport, came the sounds of singing. Up the hot hill I trudged until, as I reached the entrance door, people started leaving. Using an extraordinary nice ritual.  The ministers were out first and as each parishioner passed they stood in line. Then each in turn after shaking all the precedinh hands. As I tried to get out of the way, I was linked into the lengthening now circular line with lots of puzzled bonjours. Puzzled but happy and accepting. Small church with seating onky about 50. Can see where the religious power is here on Nuku Hiva. Which reminds me. Back at Oa Poa, english teacher Marie had to get permission from the Principal for me to enter her class. We werent sure if he was joking when he said I could as long as I didnt talk about religion or politics. Phew. These petty bourgeousie are a long way from home and I wonder what that power trip was about. Maybe local politics is more delicate than I have understood.

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