Monday, 7 October 2013

Dinner at Marie and Pocome's house

Back from the drive, Philip and I had no time to return to the boat so cleaned as best we could with beach taps in the dark. English teacher, 39 yr old Maria, picked us up and in no time we were in her very cool and spacious house. She has a very good friend who lives in Sandy Bay. She will be visiting Tasmania at the end of 2015. I will be able to repay their generous hospitality. Maria was born in France and her English was learned in Ireland so her accent is a delight. Her Marquesan husband of five years is the most strikingly handsome Marquesan I have seen so far. They have two girls - one just started school and the other very young. Maria lives Ua Poa and has lived there for 14 yrs and has learnt to speak and understand the Marquesan language. The food ... hors d'oeuvres was bread stick slices with a mixture of 3 distinctly flavoured cheeses. Simple, tasty and stylish. Main course ... sashimi tuna slices, a shaped hump of rice, her own homemade garlic sauce with other now forgotten ingredients, a salad with tomato, cucumber and ???, there was more.  It was all so stylish and on beautiful white fine china plates with a black and white patterned rim. Turned out to be their wedding plates. I had a proper decaf coffee while everyone else tucked into chocolate eclairs (from the hospitality part if the Tech school just as we might Genia). Wonderful night and I look forward to keeping in touch. Of course the night finished with Philip and I paddling out to the yacht.

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Anonymous said...

Omg what an advwnture you are having. You will have to turn this one into a short story for all to enjoy. You seem to be off the boat more than on it. ???? Well i am back home in la de dardle and the garden has grown heaps in 2 weeks. It is 5 degrees colder than melbourne and i will have to wash 1000 pieces of clothing from my melbourne antics. But i am full of ideas and warm friendship from my circle of women friends in melbourne. Take care and keep enjoying. Lots of love from Mizz Shallot