Sunday, 29 September 2013

The tour highlight was the authentic food

There are lots of advantages in being here on Sunday when shops are closed. This is the day when,  after church in amazing decorated hats - I have a photo, people eat. Its the day of eating whether at home or out at a restaurant. So where we lunched at the Gauguin Museum which was minus the museum, there was a smorgasbord option with local authentic meals. What good fortune! Our tour driver explained everything, Principally, polynesia is not about spicy rather about sweet and salty. But after lunch, i have to say that the sweet and salty are immensely restrained and I loved everything. No surprises. Everything about raw fish and coconut milk. Three different varieties of banana - the most delectible morsel was boiled ladies fingers banana  with a sweet vinegar marinade and cucumber sensation in the flavor. Looked disgusting like a child's tongue. Was a pinky colour and initially we (the new york couple celebrating her birthday in first class and then staying in those outrageously expensive bures on Bora Bora but still managed to be good company) thought meat (because we forgot what we were told). It was amazing. And there was much much more to the excitement of the food.

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