Saturday, 28 September 2013

Downtown Auckland

Wish I was wearing my thermal. Sitting having bowl hot buttery pumkin soup  for breakfast. Outside an endless stream of motor bikes like our Hobart fun run but without the kids toys. Missed the 10am ferry to Devonport by a minute or two and next not for an hour so too late for me. Wandered into big shed marked tourist market. Three stands open. Over to refurbished wharf shed with sign Auckland Heritage Festival. Another example for your PhD thesis Isabel. I was one of few visitors walking around, but the organisers were all trying things out and having a great time. Wonder how much government funding went into giving these artists a chance to do something for the people. The washed yellow sun is seeping through the cloud layer. Might be a nice spring day here soon.  Almost time for me to return to the airport. 45 mins to city so very glad I stayed at airport hotel.

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