Sunday, 29 September 2013

Apres le petit dejeuner

There is something about warmth, humidity and bare arms that make you relax into a holiday. After a breakfast of fresh croissant with jam, amidst tables of french speakers, I am ensconced on patio furniture watching ferries on the water. In the distance with some puff white toppings is the majestic island of Moorea. I imagine hundreds of tourists and the occasional local resident travelling back and forth. Obviously a comparatively young island geologically because it has all its hard and sharp mountainous edges. My view of the sea off Tahiti from my hotel verandah, shows breakers somewhat offshore ringing the edge with, I suppose, under- water reefs. That white frill is a nice decorative touch.

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Anonymous said...

Yr emails are not beingvaccepted so i will postbhere. Hope you are having a wonderful sunday and enjoying the warmth it is a wildnand woolly day in melbourne and as inhave been up all night talking to a friend i have not seen for ages i have come back to bed as she has gone off to do an art installation. Deb and i alsomwill have tomget up as we are doing an installation of birds today maybe they will fly away in the wind xxxxxmary