Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday is beginning to end

So much to say about today's tour but already evening is starting. No dinner outlets open near hotel so have taxied to the capital Papeete. Told female driver I wanted authentic Polynesian food. She dropped me at the wharf area near some caravan based vendors in an open square and told me in an hour it will be hopping with people and the best of local food.  Tables and chairs are being set out and it looks like it will be 1 huge party. I have wandered away and found a brasserie. Sitting in retro chairs this place has a wonderful worn feel about it. Drinking the local beer - Hinano. More like a draft than  a lager. Perfect for my slightly sunburnt body that is still slippery with sun protection lotion. That is, it is perfect because it makes me relax from being so hot - the last part of the tour was driving into the hot sun and even though the air conditioning was working, it warmed me up. Not sure of the alcoholic content of this beer, but I am having to correct lots of mistakes. Almost dark at a little after 6pm and being closer to the equator tomorrow will mean darkness comes even sooner then - just when Tassie's days are lengthening. Wow I really feel relaxed. Guess another beer is out of the question.

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