Friday, 20 September 2013

Tall Ships

Yesterday a dozen or so 'tall ships' arrived in Hobart from around the world, for a week long 'festival'. These are sailing ships from the past. There is the Dutch 'Oosterschelde', the Danish 'Soren Larsen', the Dutch 'Europa', and the 'Tecla' from the Netherlands. In addition the 'Young Endeavour', the 'Windeward Bound', the 'Lord Nelson' and the 'Lady Nelson' are all here. And local more modern wooden sailing boats are also joining the party. As I travelled to work yesterday, there were some coming up the Derwent Harbour with their many sails full of wind. What a wonderful spectacle. After work, I walked down to the wharves and had a look at each of them berthed for the occasion. It seems miles of rigging swing up there in the air high above us. Many stout tall trees have lost their lives to get a new 'life' as the many masts on these vessels. I imagine these tall ships are many times the size of Wendy Windblows, the ketch in which I will sail around the Marquesas Islands. These tall ships gave me a reality check about what size I might expect. But already I can imagine feeling the breeze in my hair, seeing the sparkle on the waves and smelling the salt spray on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

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