Sunday, 29 September 2013

A permanent dazed smile

There have been a great many fortunate things about today so far. The cloudy sky became blue and the sun sparkled on the rain cleaned trees. My advance reading had prepared me for genuine hospitality. When the message for me to meet my tour driver down on the street, did not reach me until I asked and being late I set off with a dash down the goat track, I was met by very relaxed driver Vinioo who seemed remarkably unworried. She sat me up front next to her and the 2 couples sat behind. This meant I had a brilliant unobstructed view and I soaked it all up. What a wonderful tour it was in both English and French, but because I was next to her I could easily ask lots of questions. Marvellous. We travelled first to Papeete and being Sunday everything was shut. But the great advantage was that there were few people and few cars, so I could see any building or situation of note. I certainly wasnt interested in shopping. After collecting the final couple we were on our way.

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