Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mural in Triabunna referring to French explorer Baudin

In response to my post exploring Swansea's connections to Tahiti, well-known artist Chantale Delrue alerted me that in 2003, she painted a mural in Triabunna (on the east coast of Tasmania)as part of the 'Bi-centenary of Tasmania' celebrations. The theme of the mural was the French explorer Baudin's expedition. I guess Chantale could be accused of being slyly subversive; after all it was representatives of the English crown who took the initiative against French occupation of the southern Australasian continent and got the country going on an English basis. However, in the first few years of this century there was strong feeling that our Tasmanian French heritage should be recognised and even if it did not directly fit within the dates of the Bi-centennial, the French legacy remains. And what remains of Chantale's mural - apparently it has faded over time and a supermarket sign is now layered on top of it. If you are in Triabunna, please send me a photo and I will add it on to the blog.

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