Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What can one do? What should one do in French Polynesia?

Hours of Googling, and thorough reading of the information presented by the Lonely Planet and the Trip Advisor websites, demonstrate there will be some challenges. Clearly the cost will be a consideration at every turn. Nothing is cheap. Not accommodation, not food, not internal travel on any island, and not travel between islands. Perhaps if my time wasn't tight, I could wait until I could bum a ride on a fisherman's boat or a lazily wandering yachtee. To fly to and from the Marquesas and between the Marquesas islands will be a constant and large money drain. And I must make the decision soon as to where I will go, so that I can book accommodation. Already I am resigned to being in accommodation that won't suit me in some ways, but I cannot fork out $1000 a night - even if those over-the water-personal-bures are so fabulous in concept, privacy and look. Unless... my lottery ticket tonight comes up trumps. What to do - well ... there are archeological sites, there are extraordinary panoramas which can be walked to or reached by 4WD along tortuous mountain tracks, volcanic amphitheatres, there are sites devoted to local and regional history, there are some local food specialities, traditional villages where traditional crafts are still practiced for everyday living, long dropping waterfalls, islands where few tourists visit, helicopter rides to the inaccessible (few roads,)the water everywhere, and the opportunity to scuba dive and snorkel, and then there are sites associated with Gauguin. And on the Marquesas Islands, I have discovered there are guides I can access - so more research required about them. And then I need to research to see if the same opportunity exists back on the island of Tahiti, and nearby Moorea. Internet access is limited. So maybe less of my story can be blogged regularly. But it seems like the story will be rich and complex.

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