Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Planning Auckland

The internet is wonderful, but research always takes so long. After many hours, finally I booked my Auckland hotel and made a mental plan for what I would do in the few hours I had there. I arrive at 12.05am and have chosen an airport hotel. Since the city is a 30-40 minute drive away, I thought that getting to bed somewhere close to 2am or later was not as good as getting to bed somewhere close to 1-1.30am. Then on Sunday morning when I wake I will take the airport bus to the city and there are lots of options for doing things for the next few hours. My plane to Tahiti takes off at 3.20pm so I have the chance to explore and walk and enjoy whatever the city can offer me then. There are main attractions like the Art Gallery and the Museum, the extensive fish market, not to mention the possibility of taking a ferry over to the northern shore to suburbs like Devonport (doesn't travel broaden the mind? I didn't know there was such a place other than in Tassie.) I did consider a city hotel from the point of view I could wake up to harbour views - but such views were way too expensive and I will be able to see them or even get out on the harbour during Sunday morning.

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