Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Time difference between Melbourne and Tahiti

Melbourne is 20 hours ahead of Tahiti. This means that when I arrive in Papeete at 9.15pm on Saturday 28th September, it will be 5.15pm on Sunday 29th here. So when I depart Papeete at 12.20am on Friday 11 October to return to Australia, it will be 8.20pm (also on Friday) here at home. When I land in Melbourne at 10.20am on Saturday 12 October, my body will still be set at 2.20pm in French Polynesia. So I would expect to be ready for bed around 5-6pm our time on that Saturday. My flight back from Melbourne gets into Hobart about 3pm so that will make it easy to be ready for bed. Then I will have Sunday to do some more adjustment, before heading back to work on the Monday. In terms of official time zones: Papeete time zone is UTC/GMT -10 Melbourne time zone is UTC/GMT +10

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